1933 — Ezra Frank creates Frank Liquor Company following the repeal of prohibition

Early 1960’s – Frank Liquor Company moves from Bedford Street to Patterson Street

Mid 1960’s – Divests family holdings of orchard, fruit distributorship, and wholesale beer business to concentrate on building the liquor company

1972 – Frank Liquor Company relocates offices and warehouse to Middleton

1979 – Frank Liquor Distributors re-enters beer business and purchases Top Brands (Schlitz and Heineken). Standalone beer distributorship established separate from the wine and spirits division of Frank company.

1980 — Frank Beer Distributors purchase Murphy Distributing (Strohs)

—1984 —Frank Beer Distributors awarded the Coors franchise for our markets in Wisconsin

—1984 — Frank Beer Distributors purchase Kaiser Distribution in the Wisconsin Dells (Strohs and Coors)

1985 — Frank Liquor purchases Hamilton Beverage

1991 — Frank Beer Distributors purchase Heileman brands from H&M Distributors

1991 — Frank Beer Distributors purchase Balsmeider Distributing in the Wisconsin Dells (Heileman brands)

1998 — Frank Beer Distributors purchase City Sales (Heileman) in La Crosse. The Frank, Rotter, and Melby families merge beer operations in La Crosse, WI establishing La Crosse Beverage, LLC

1998 — Frank Beer Distributors purchase Esser’s Distributing (Heileman) in Cross Plains, Wis.

—2002 — Frank Liquor forms a partnership with Badger Liquor (Fond Du Lac, WI) through a licensing agreement. The deal solidifies their network as the strongest wine and spirits infrastructure in Wisconsin

2005 — Completion of new, 230,000 square foot Middleton office/warehouse (shared between Frank Liquor Co and Frank Beer Distributors)

—2007 — Frank Beer Distributors purchase Beloit Beverage

2009 — Frank Beer Distributors purchase H&M Distributing in Madison (Miller Portfolio)

2013 — Frank Beer Distributors and La Crosse Beverage purchased Preferred Distributors (Sparta, Lake Delton, and Prairie Du Chien, Wis.)

2013 — Completion of new 96,000 square foot Onalaska office/warehouse (shared between La Crosse Beverage and Frank Liquor of La Crosse)

2016 — Completion of new 22,500 square foot Sales Support Center offices and warehouse in Middleton

2016 — Completion of upgraded Merge and Sortation System in main Middleton warehouse

2016 — Frank Beverage Group purchases Beer Capitol Distributing (Sussex, Wi)

2021 — Frank Beverage Group purchases Ott Schweitzer Distributing (Milton, Wi)