Introducing the Non-Alcoholic, 'Better For You' Brand Portfolio

Clutch: Proudly from Wisconsin, Clutch Energy drink is making waves all over the energy drink scene, showing the ever going midwestern innovation. Clutch Energy drink displays it’s modern innovation by bring both an ultimate flavor balance to the palate, all while being low calorie and having absolutely zero sugar. Honing from the Midwest, Clutch Energy drink already proves to be the energy drink for all walks of life, just like the amazingly unique people that make up the great Midwest.

Zoa: Zoa proves that in the energy drink market expectations can still be shattered, Zoa brings balance and prosperity to the hands of future champions. With an intricate craft of flavors like a balanced pineapple coconut to a citrus shattering wild orange, & with each can packed full of vitamins Zoa brings the work to workout. Crafted by boundary breaking people like Dwayne Johnson, Danny Garcia, & Dave Rienzi, Zoa shows that its roots are grounded in the world of dumbbells and sweat.

La Colombe: Conscious brewing is what makes La Colombe coffee roasters a boundary breaking company. With the ambition to make the world a much better place, La Colombe is continuously helping preserve the environment as well as advocating for equity. But for the La Colombe the work doesn’t stop there, La Colombe goal is to have 98% of their roasted coffee packaging be biodegradable by 2024. La Colombe touts that you can have a flavor packed coffee brew whilst bring beautifully conscious.

Huzzah: HUZZAH! Is what you’ll shout when met with the crisp & refreshing taste of Huzzah a probiotic powered seltzer drink. With splashing flavors like juicy pear, raspberry & lemon, & a wonderous strawberry and hibiscus. With all this flavor you’re probably wondering what’s the catch? There is NONE, Huzzah drinks only contain 3gs or less of sugar! With Huzzah you can have a flavor packed probiotic seltzer without having to sacrifice health.

Clearly Kombucha: Clearly Kombucha is all in taste and health, why? Well because it’s clearly & simply the best crafted kombucha, with each flavor of Clearly Kombucha having 5g of sugar or less! What’s not to love, yet Clearly Kombucha doesn’t just stop there its flavors don’t hold a vinegar taste like many other brands of kombucha. Clearly Kombucha includes wonderous flavors like strawberry hibiscus, raspberry ginger, ginger mind lemonade, & raspberry lemonade!