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Wisconsin Beverage Network

As we continue to grow and as the industry continues to change, we continuously look for new and innovative ways to partner with others. That’s why in 2011 Frank Beer partnered with other distributors to form the Wisconsin Beverage Network, a distribution network that provides beverage suppliers with seamless access to the largest and best distribution network in Wisconsin. Spanning all 72 counties, this network is comprised of 6 members that provide sales, marketing and merchandising to every account in their respective markets.

The network also provides our individual members access to new and exciting brands. The group is composed primarily of MillerCoors distributors, but as you can see we represent many other excellent craft, import and FMB brands. Our business’s experience and strength in market allow us to successfully launch new brands, and our financial strength allows us to continue to invest in and grow the brands we bring into our system.

Frank Beer is proud to be among these other Wisconsin Distributors to create the Wisconsin Beverage Network:
Frank Beverage Group (Beer Capitol, Frank Beer, La Crosse Beverage), CJW Inc, Lee Beverage of WI, Kay Beer distributing, Dean Distributing, and Bernicks.


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